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Start of construction work on plant 6

Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Plant 6 on 01 February 2023.

Franke GmbH has been based in Obere Bahnstraße in Aalen since 1954. Based on the invention of the wire race bearing by the company founder Erich Franke, we have developed into a specialist for rotary and linear motion in numerous industries. New areas of application, such as e-mobility, are constantly being added. The production areas grow with the tasks.

We see ourselves as a development partner for innovative solutions. Adapted to the customers' requirements, Franke creates technical masterpieces for the extraordinary. Super-quiet precision bearings for computer tomographs as well as ultra-light bearings from the 3D printer. Franke bearings can be found in medical technology, in knitting machines or in machine tool changers. They load printed circuit boards at top speed or turn huge solar panels by the thousands to follow the course of the sun. Franke now employs around 360 people at its headquarters in Aalen. Franke is currently building again: The new Plant 6 will be built by mid-2024 and will give the Obere Bahnstraße a new face.

Franke is climate-neutral by 2025    

Sustainability is also a big issue for Franke. The company wants to be climate neutral by 2025. Already in 2019, the carbon footprint of one of the core products was determined for the first time: the main bearing for computer tomographs. This revealed that 80% of the product's emissions take place in upstream or downstream processes. As a result, together with suppliers, ways were sought to switch to and establish climate-friendly processes.


The demands on modern industrial companies in global competition continue to increase. Being open to new trends and at the same time preserving traditions is the key to success. At Franke, this balancing act succeeds anew every day.